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  • SB 2377 - Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-NY)
    Requires the veterans health care information program to provide information concerning health issues to veteran's children; requires the department of corrections and community supervision to maintain records
    11/11/2019 - SIGNED CHAP.485
  • SB 3419 - Sen. Velmanette Montgomery (D-NY)
    Establishes the right of adoptees to receive a certified copy of their birth certificate upon reaching the age of 18
    11/14/2019 - SIGNED CHAP.491
  • SB 4477 - Sen. Anna Kaplan (D-NY)
    Relates to webpage access to any mobile application used to search for veterans' services
    11/11/2019 - SIGNED CHAP.488
  • SB 45 - Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-NY)
    Relates to discharged LGBT veterans
    11/12/2019 - SIGNED CHAP.490
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