Sexual Assault and Incest

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  • Sex Offender Counseling (1)

    Sex Offender Counseling


    Programs that provide voluntary or court-ordered individual or group counseling for people who have committed or are at risk of committing sexual offenses which may include rape or other sexual assault, nonfamilial child sexual assault, indecent exposure, or voyeurism, with the objective of eliminating violent and/or abusive behavior.
  • Sexual Assault Treatment (2)

    Sexual Assault Treatment


    Programs that provide specialized medical care for adults and/or children who have been sexually assaulted. Treatment includes an examination for internal and external injuries, collection of physical evidence of the assault, and preventive care and/or treatment in case of venereal disease or pregnancy. Treatment is generally confidential and physical evidence of the assault is not shared with investigating authorities without the consent of the patient. Services are often provided by emergency room staff at a hospital or other health care facility and may include other crisis advocates/representatives.

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